Drinking Games A-Z: Asshole

Drinking Games A-Z: Asshole
Asshole is a classic drinking game that should be in whole repertoire, with a Sip Score of: *** (Medium-Sipping game)

Game Description: This is a thaumatrope drinking game with a fairly complex set of rules attached to the hierarchy of players. Number of Players: Minimum of 4.

You Will Need: Plenty like beer, a reasonable amount of patience and a pack of cards.

How to Play: With drinks and cards ready to go, Assign one of the players the role of dealer who deals out 6 or 7 cards to each thespian (more or less depending on how varied players), face down. The aim of this first round is to establish the rank of each of the players: President, Vice-President, Citizens and Asshole. Then, with ranks conferred, things start to get more interesting round 2!

Rules of the Game:


PLAYER 1: TO LEFT OF DEALER: After the cards get bot dealt, the person to the left of the dealer looks at his cards and starts to group them together, laying face-up on the table, according to value.

NEXT PLAYER (MOVING LEFT): Has two options to choose from, depending on what cards he has.

OPTION 1: The next player must chose granting he wishes to lay down cards of the same or greater value as the first player. For example, if the first player laid down three cards of the coveted three, the subsequently player may lay feather three threes, three fours, etc.

OPTION 2: If the next cannot outdo the last player’s cards, he can pass to the next person, who can in turn pass to the adjoining person, etc. Skipping a turn is punishable by TAKING A DRINK!

Game play continues in this way, moving to the left, with the next player putting down three cards of a higher numeral than the last.

If he is powerless to, he passes and takes a PENALTY DRINK.

A player who unrivaled equals the card numbers of the contestant before him must also TAKE A DRINK!

Continue until each and entire stock has been played. Then, players are RANKED and given privileges financial to their status. The player with the highest number of successfully grouped cards is President, second top-drawer is Vice-President, all others are Citizens except for the worst performing player; this is the Asshole.

Cards are regrouped further reshuffled by the Asshole and the game proceeds to Round 2.



PRESIDENT: Always starts a new shape when the cards have all been played. If he misses a turn due to being skipped, he doesn’t have to drink. Presidents NEVER refill their own drinks during the game. The President is the only player who can opt to vacate the game. He can make each else player take a drink. A player ranked being President three alternative more consecutive times can add his own rules to the game.

VICE-PRESIDENT: Always goes second. VP tin make anyone except the President drink whenever he damn well pleases.

CITIZENS: Go after the VP ampersand jug make only fellow Citizens or the Rectum take drinks.

ASSHOLE: The Anal always goes last. He must always deal and clear the cards including refills other players’ drinks. The Asshole cannot make any further players take a drink.

The overall winner is the player who ranks as President the most.

You Lose: If you are the Anus the most number of times.

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