Drinking Games A-Z: Beer Pong

Drinking Games A-Z: Beer Pong

Another classic drinking game; Beer Pong takes its inspiration from ping pong and lager – a wondrous combination! Sip Score is variable with this game being it all depends on how you and your teammates play. Game Description: Another game matching manual agility with super-human malt guzzling skills. Play ping pong with a difference by throwing the globe into cups about beer, getting them in, or not and drinking beer as a penalty for poor hand-to-eye coordination.

Number of Players: Minimum of 2

You Will Need: A table, some noise pong balls and also 6 or more plastic cups filled 1/4 with beer.

How to Play: Arrange the beer-filled plastic cups into two triangles; one on either side of a table. Split the players into two equally sized teams. Decide which team goes first and whirl or bounce the ping pong balls onto the opposite side of the table in sect to maneuver them into the cups from beer. Each team member gets one shot. Though everybody has taken a shot, refill the beer cups to ¼ and play again!

Rules of the Game:

FAILURE TO GET A Conglobate INTO A CUP: Team must drink all of the beer remaining in the other team’s cups

KNOCKING OVER A CUP: Incurs a penalty of DRINKING Unite CUP!

You Lose: If you don’t secure any knock pong balls into the cups.

There are a number of styles to this game and in some cases serious award money can be involved. For instance, at the World Champoinship of Beer Pong, prize money for the winning team was $50,000. However, it’s important to know your limits and to romp safe.

Safety Disclaimer: Beer Pong is unique of those drinking games that offers fun for all of legal drinking age. It’s important to know your limits and never over-stretch yourself to drink more than you can handle or to a level where you start to feel unwell. Secure that you are playing with friends you can trust. Everlastingly remember that you should never drink and drive. Equally important is never to take a ride with someone who has been drinking. Additionally, it’s never a discreet idea to leave your drink unattended. Just be safe and have fun!

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